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Musicians and Art.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Musicians and art go hand and hand. I am amazed at how many well known musicians also express themselves by painting or other art forms. Musicians like Ronnie Wood, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. All talented in their own right. There are many artist/musicians in all forms of music. Miles Davis, Swiss Beats, M.I.A, John Lennon, John Lurie, Pattie Smith and Kim Gordon. These are just a few; the list is endless.

I’ll start with Bob Dylan because this is a great place to start. Dylan as we all know, has been continually producing art in many forms like sculpture, painting and other mediums. Bob Dylan is exceptionally talented, so much so he is his own brand, an Icon most definitely! I particularly like his paintings. He paints everyday scenes of places and people doing daily uneventful things, like having a coffee in a coffee shop. I love the subject matter of every day life, people and places. Dylan’s sculptures are also great they have an industrial, Americana farm feel.

Next is Ronnie Wood, one of my favourite rockers. I feel like I can call him Ronnie, because I feel like I have known him all my life, from Ronnie playing in bands like The Birds, The Faces and of course the Rolling Stones. Ronnie’s work is diverse. He paints landscapes, abstracts and images of his band mates in the Rolling Stones. The rock and roll images are fun and full of action- they are energetic. His landscapes are my favourite. I feel they are alive, so much so you can feel the trees move. Some of the landscapes feel homey like you could be there. Also Ronnie has mastered the art of bronze sculpture.

Now for the last but not the least! Joni Michelle- it goes without saying, this woman is truly amazing! Her talent is enormous. I think she is an exceptional painter. Ms. Mitchell has been drawing since she was a child. By the 1970’s was was not only writing music by producing a large quantity of artwork and has continued over the next 30 plus years. This well known Saskatchewan native painted everything from portraits to landscapes to concert posters. My favourite paintings are her self portraits, she has made many over the years . Though one painting jumped out to me called “Edmonton” this is a painting of the Edmonton skyline with a man’s face on the right. Ms. Mitchell painted this in 1997, note the difference in our skyline.

I have added a link to each of their websites. I hope you take some time and take a look at this favourite artist of mine and look for others.

All the best Diana

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