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Artist Diana Billings born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan into an outdoorsy and artistic family.  As a young child Diana’s family moved from the prairies to the Northwest Territories and then to northern Alberta. Living in a small town in the north gave Diana an appreciation for the outdoors and nature. Diana enjoys camping, cycling, walking in nature and sitting around a campfire. Having been raised in an artistic family full of musicians and artists-from family members playing rock and bluegrass to others that are glassblowers and sculptors.

Diana learned to appreciate art and music of many forms. The natural course for Diana was to pursue art in several of her career opportunities, such as  kitchen design and finally making her own art.


Diana has always loved to paint, draw, collage and write. In 2016 Diana returned to school and obtained from the University of Alberta a certificate in Visual Arts, graduating with distinction in 2020. Diana’s favourite subjects to paint are still life and landscapes, being influenced by favourite artist like Andrew Kiss and the paintings of the 16th century Renaissance.


Diana has recently rediscovered her love of writing.  This has been writing a monthly blog about her favourite artists their achievements, along with other things that interest Diana and what she has been doing.


Diana looks forward to something new everyday, striving to find new discoveries in life though drawing, painting and writing. 

Diana Billings, artist from Edmonton, Alberts


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